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Una sera a teatro: “IL VERO ISPETTORE HOUND” di Tom Stoppard

La Compagnia Teatrale il Punto presenta:

di Tom Stoppard

Ragia di Andrea Cassarà

“Un giallo a teatro, due critici in sala. Una serie di eventi che si intrecciano e si sovrappongono fino a mescolarsi. Realtà o finzione scenica? Una commedia che attraverso citazioni e parodie dei classici gialli vi regalerà suspance e colpi di scena.”


Auditorium Paccagnini Castano Primo
Piazza XXV Aprile
20022 Castano Primo

dom 26 febbraio 2017
21:00 – 22:30 CET



Johnny Romeo - Pussy Riot series

Johnny Romeo - Thriller series

Johnny Romeo,Ditty Kitty School,2013,acrylic and oil on canvas 150cmx200cm

Johnny Romeo,HonkyTonk,2013,acrylic and oil on canvas 120cmx120cm

Johnny Romeo Shoot 11th Aug 2013

Johnny Romeo’s work critiques the madness of a modern world driven by pervasive advertising, hollow materialism and wasteful excess, exploring the way in which we construct our identities through the idolisation of pop culture and brand-name heroes.

Johnny Romeo is an Australian born painter. His work is critically acclaimed in its attempt to represent a visual type of poetic and rhythmic blending of word, symbol and image.

Referred to as a bombastic neo expressionist pure pop painter with a lot to say about modern life, his work deals with the way we construct our identities from the vast array of images that pop culture immerses us in.

His work centres on pop culture, cultural homogenisation, the failures of blind consumerism, media saturation, celebrity fetish and brand name heroes. He mixes pop techniques with street art to critique some of the consumerist sentiments pervasive in society and, at times, in art, leading to him being called a colourist and a pop individualist.

His work is in numerous public and private national and international collections.


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