PHILIPPINES 365 | crowdfunding


“The project I would like to realize with your help is a photography book called “Philippines 365”.

It will be made with 365 photographs: 1 photo a day for 1 entire year in the Philippines.

It’s a long term project, that will be realized during the whole 2014, but while awaiting the printing of the book, my supporters will help rebuilding the villages that have just been destroyed by the typhoon Hayan. In fact, part of your offers will be donate to Sos Villaggi dei Bambini, that is helping Philippines since 1967.

In the short-term supporters could also receive the prints of photographs selected in the first months of my project.

Being half philippine this book means everything to me: I will be able to show you and document one of the most amazing people on earth, often underrated, and I want to do it not with the usual beautiful landscapes. It will be a journey through the people: from the everyday life in all its aspects to the hyper clubs in Manila, from the slum to the most remote fishermen villages. A photographic journey between tradition and globalization.

But to be able to realize the book and help the victims of the typhoon I need everyone’s support!

My goal is € 3,500.00. If, with your generous support, we will be able to reach € 6,000.00, I will achieve an exclusive edition of my book.

In this case, the proceeds of sales will be donated to “SOS Villaggi dei Bambini”. Every supporter will get an additional special booklet of postcards with pictures taken from the book; supporters entitled to get the book will have a special, numbered edition with exclusive cover.”


“Except from the maximum security prisoners shown in this pictures, inmates at Iwahig prison dont live locked up, in fact the prison doesnt have any wall and some of them live with their entire families….”